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Arcjet signup form protection

Arcjet signup form protection combines rate limiting, bot protection, and email validation to protect your signup forms from abuse.

What is Arcjet? Arcjet helps developers protect their apps in just a few lines of code. Implement rate limiting, bot protection, email validation, and defense against common attacks.

How does it work?

Arcjet’s SDK provides a set of core primitives which can be used independently. The SDK also provide a set of pre-built products which combine these primitives with our recommended configuration. This saves you time and means you can get value from Arcjet with a single rule in just a few minutes.

The Arcjet signup form protection product combines rate limiting, bot protection, and email validation to help minimize the number of fake or fraudulent accounts that sign up to your service.

  • Rate limiting - signup forms are a common target for bots. Arcjet’s rate limiting helps to prevent bots and other automated or malicious clients from submitting your signup form too many times in a short period of time. Even allowing for errors, legitimate users do not usually submit forms more than a few times in a short time window.
  • Bot protection - signup forms are usually exclusively used by humans, which means that any automated submissions to the form are likely to be fraudulent. However, critical transaction forms are often tested by legitimate automated clients, such as monitoring services. These can be specifically allowed.
  • Email validation - email addresses should be validated to ensure the signup is coming from a legitimate user with a real email address that can actually receive messages. Some services may also want to restrict signups to avoid disposable or free email addresses.

You can accept the default configuration and block suspicious submissions with just a few lines of code. Or you can customize the configuration and integrate the results into custom workflows, such as manually approving suspicious submissions.